Must Haves for 0-6 Months!

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I have to admit, I’ve been having a hard time coming up with something to write.  I’ve been cooking tons of crockpot meals lately!  I always forget to take notes and pictures though so I’ll have to pass on that for right now.  Maybe an idea for later.  🙂

The other reason is that this election is totally stressing me out.  I know it shouldn’t.  I’ll cast my vote on November 8th and we’ll trust that the will of the majority will be done.  However, I am stressing!  I can’t control it, I stress anyway, the stress continues, I get frustrated by my lack of control, and the vicious cycle starts over.  Anyone else do this?

There is a sparkly note to my everyday though, and that’s my baby E.  She’s getting big so fast!  She rolls over like crazy and she’s starting to be able to sit on her own!  How did she get so big?  I’ve been thinking of the supplies that we use CONSTANTLY!  I won’t talk about the obvious bottles, diapers, ointments, car seat, diaper bag, etc.  These MUST HAVES for the first six months have been our go to!



(Note: I am not being paid to endorse any of these products.  However, if you buy using the link provided, I do get a small percentage, BUT IT DOESN’T COST YOU MORE).

  1. Sleep Sack: E hated to be swaddled and always wanted to have her hands, literally from day one!  However, I didn’t want her to flail around and wake herself up.  This was our lifesaver the first couple months!
  2. Gym Mat: We set this up when she first got home from the hospital and I think she has used it every day since!  I am planning to put it away in a couple weeks.  I want her to continue rolling and moving and there is less of an incentive with so many toys all around.  😉
  3. Bouncy Chair: When she’s fussy but just wants to be near, this is a great alternative.  I take it outside, in the garage, to the kitchen, I’ve even traveled with it (though it is a little big and cumbersome).
  4. High Chair or Bumbo:  We have both, but you could get away with having one or the other.  We have a hook-on high chair for the counter and table.  We recently took it with us to a restaurant and it was great!  I loved having her right there next to us and it was easy to use.  The bumbo is good too.  Remember, all things in moderation since the bumbo has been reported to cause hip issues when used too much.
  5. Rattle Ball:  This toy is fun, easy to hold, and is now an incentive for her to move.  It rolls away or she throws it and she is starting to go after it.
  6. Foam Letter:  Love these for the teething!  You should see all the teeth marks on her little letter.  Light, easy to hold, and helps ease her discomfort.  They will be fun bath toys down the road too!
  7. Rings: This was the first toy E got into and she still uses them a lot!  Plus, I love that they are cheap!  I bought an extra package and now I just have them everywhere!  Bouncy chair, gym mat, counter, car seat, etc.

Other things you may want to think about: Blankets and books are good to have around.  We use blankets mostly outside and in her car seat.  She loves books and being read too!  Many kids also love a pacifier (E has never really wanted/needed it).  We used the MAM newborn when she was a couple months old (she never liked the NUK brand) but it was always for those super fussy moments when I needed to buy a little more time (usually in the car!).

That is my experience for the first 6 months!  What did your little one love?

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