Easiest Mint Brownies EVER!

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FOOD!  FOOD!  FOOD!  That’s right, get ready for a storm of food posts.  I did a bunch of baking before the holidays and never got around to writing about it!  Is it just me or does the time up until New Year just fly by?  Of course, after that it’s the LLOONNGG wait till winter is over.  Right now, however, we’re still basking in the light of the holidays, so I’m just going to enjoy that for now and not think of the months ahead!

We had a fantastic holiday season, and hope you did too!  How was your holidays?  There really is nothing like baby’s first Christmas, that first Christmas together as a family.  Little E had so much fun, unwrapped her presents, and was just an awesome sport all morning!  We truly are so blessed by her.

Anywho…one of the things I started doing this year was making cookies and treats for the guys at my husband’s work.  We did them for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so hopefully I can remember to continue it into 2017.  Who wants to remind me at Easter?

Last time I made my husband’s favorite peanut butter chip cookies.  I wanted to do something a little more fun this time around and, to be honest, I might have over thought it!  In the bags this year I put salted caramel cookies, mint brownies, and salted caramels.  What I didn’t think about before I started was that the brownies and caramels had to be individually wrapped before going in the bags, duh!  Very time consuming…..but the guys loved it so WORTH IT!

I suggest making these AMAZING brownies and just serving them in the pan…I promise they will disappear!  However, they are also easy to cut and arrange or even cut and wrap in plastic wrap to be given to others.  They are SUPER moist though, so be careful!

Without further ado….MINT BROWNIES!  The seriously easy way to get that mint flavor without all kinds of work!



1 boxed brownie mix (I used Pillsbury Milk Chocolate)

1 (4.67 oz) box of Andes Crème de Menthe thins (You need about 24 pieces so score 4 for yourself!)

+ the ingredients called for on the brownie box


That’s it!  Did I tell you these were so EASY!












  1. Preheat oven as directed and grease a 9×13
  2. Make the brownie mix according to directions
  3. Pour HALF the brownie mix into your greased 9×13
  4. Arrange the Andes mints on top of the brownie layer
  5. Pour the rest of the brownie mix over the Andes and smooth to cover the chocolates
  6. Done!  Bake approximately 30 minutes.


I baked mine for 35 minutes because I’m a bonehead and was trying to do other things.  The middle was PERFECT! but the outside edges got a like crispy.  Try it for 30 minutes and just watch closely, everyone’s oven is a little different anyway.

Aren’t they beautiful? And, trust me, so delicious!












Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments!


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