Custom Cricut Mirror

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I worked on little E’s nursery for a long time!  You might have even called me slightly obsessed, but her room is still my favorite room in the whole house.  It’s beautiful, organized, and just so put together.


Whole room


I ordered a couple of prints off of Etsy (see more about that here), and I needed something else to balance out the space above her dresser and changing table.

Babies love mirrors and they are a great tool for self-recognition.  However, I also wanted it to convey how much we really loved her.  I wanted it to be something that could hang in her room forever and whenever she looked in the mirror during those horrid teenage years and wanted to judge herself or was struggling with self-esteem, I wanted her to know that she’s beautiful, that we love her, and that, as Annie would say, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

That’s a lot of expectations for a mirror, I know!

Anyway, we ended up buying this super simple but beautiful mirror at Home Goods.  I think it was a steal!


Mirror Before


When we got home, I started looking at ways to customize it but I was nervous about stencils and such because you only get one chance!  I do have a Cricut, however, and I could not find any fun ideas of how to customize it using my Cricut, so here you go!

I bought some vinyl on Amazon, hot pink!  I did look at Michaels, but they only had black.  I was a little nervous about the quality, but it worked just fine.  Just make sure you turn the pressure up and the speed down.  Do a test on a small section so you make sure you get clean lines.  You’ll also need to make sure your mat is sticky enough to hold down this heavily paper and that the blade is fairly sharp.  To be honest, I have never sharpened my blade or resurfaced (or bought a new) mat.  I also only use it a few times a year and I store it with plastic wrap on it to preserve it.

Anyway, I started digging through my cartridges to find words or lettering that I liked.  I ended up cutting a bunch of words out on regular paper and then playing with them to figure out what I liked. I did ask my husband for his thoughts, but ended up going a different direction anyway  😉


Word Options


I thought it would be easier to use words that are cut as one piece since there is less room for error when applying them to the mirror.  However, if you are more steady handed than me (or just braver!) then feel free to use individual letters.  Once I was sure of what words and symbols I wanted and where I wanted them, and what SIZE I wanted them, then I cut them out on the vinyl.  It’s much cheaper to use paper first!


Vinyl cutouts


After they were cut out, it’s just a simple matter of peeling off the paper backing and CAREFULLY adhering them to the mirror.

I love how it turned out!


Finished mirror


The one thing I love about this method is that if you screw up, it’s not a big deal!  Peeling off the letters may be difficult, but it can be done!  For me, that makes me so much less anxious.  I didn’t have to do this, but remember that GooGone is your friend!  Just test it in a inconspicuous spot first.  🙂


As you can tell, I kept it pretty simple.  I’m not a super creative person, but I would love to see what you guys come up with!

Do you have other projects you have done with your Cricut or with vinyl?  Share below!


(Note: I am not being paid to endorse any of these products.  However, if you buy using the link provided, I do get a small percentage, BUT IT DOESN’T COST YOU MORE).

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